Emily Yetter




What Critics Are Saying

LA Times' Charles McNulty on THE EXORCIST

“Yetter, although an adult, has a childlike quality that is at once tender and otherworldly. Gymnastically impressive, she doesn't need many special effects.”

LA Weekly's Mayank Keshaviah on THE CONDUCT OF LIFE

“Yetter’s portrayal is heartbreaking.”

Broadway in Chicago's Ed Vincent on PETER PAN

“The story is well known to many and the sets are delightful, but all of this truly comes to life with the wonderful interpretation that Emily Yetter gives to that jealous, spirited fairy Tinkerbell.  The humor, irony, sarcasm, and delight of Yetter's work is worth the price of admission all by itself.”

The Oregonian's Lee William's on THE OREGON TRAIL

“The cast is on point. Emily Yetter, as Jane's sister, Mary Anne, phrases her lines with a clipped quirkiness that just nails her character's Type A temperament.”

Bitter Lemons' Jonathan Ross of THE CONDUCT OF LIFE

“Emily Yetter gives a startling performance as Nena, the young girl Orlando keeps as a prisoner in his home.  She suggests Nena’s handicap is slight rather than making a theatrical show of it, choosing instead to focus on Nena’s wide eyed and improbable innocence.  This choice makes her character deeply sympathetic and ultimately heartbreaking.  Yetter’s performance is hard to shake.”

Atlanta Theater Buzz's Brad Rudy on PETER PAN

“My favorite, though, was Emily Yetter’s Tinker Bell.  Ms. Yetter was sassy and supple, childlike and ageless, and my enjoyment of the show faded somewhat every time she had to leave the stage.  More than anyone else, she made me believe in fairies, and in the wonder of remaining a child.”